Wednesday, March 19, 2014

31 years good

It's our 31st Wedding Anniversary today Yep 31 years ago today we were looking at our future and hoping to be successful.. Who would have thought then that we would be living on a narrowboat  somewhere..
Here is the paper cutting in the Sevenoaks Chronicle of our special day

Well we had a lovely day.. We opened our cards in the morning and then got the 11.40am bus into Rugby for 70p each. Our first stop was a new Dongle and we have decided to change from Vodafone to 3, because we could get more data, on a better dongle, and the signals seem stronger.. Time will tell to see if it was the right decision.  Happy with ourselves we then went had had something to eat on our Taste Card. We went to Prezzo's where we got a two for one deal, and we got to say our meal and service was fantastic.
We then popped into Asda and picked up a few DVDs we had wanted and planned a nice night cuddled up on the sofa watching one of them..  For the rest of the afternoon we went to The Merchant Inn pub in Rugby where we had a few beers and reminisced the last thirty one years. We got the 5.30pm bus back to Derwent6, excited about trying out our new dongle. We now get 3G premium which will run at 42 megabytes, only a bit slower than 4G  which runs a 50 megabytes.. They must have turned us up at the minute because our speeds were just fantastic and we used half a gig in a few hours.. Later in the evening we watched one of our films, all very romantic..


Jacquie said...

Still as youthful as ever, and you are successful in your love, life and marriage. Many congratulations, I hope you have a special evening. Jacquie xxxx

A+K nb Oakfield said...

Well it's been a wonderful day, probably finished off with a good evening out together, enjoy yourselves!

Jill & Graham said...

Sounds like you had a great day

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys! x