Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Countryside fix

It was bright sunshine this morning with a touch of frost, yes frost, we don't know what that is either. Del wanted to get to A J Canopies to see if they had something to clean the cratch cover with, and when we walked in we could see some universal cleaner on their shelf'.. It cleans and also protects the fabric and waterproofs it. All you need to do is scrub it on and "you can do this as hard as you like" the lady said.. It gets all the green mould out, doesn't damage the stitching, and stops any water leaks you have, the more you do it the better it comes up, oh and it lasts ages.. All sounds too good to be true doesn't it, so watch this space..
Del walked back to Derwent6 and Al walked up to post a letter before we left.. As we pulled out it seemed deserted, but we needed a countryside fix.
We took a nice steady cruise as we were also doing our washing as well.
Derwent6 is getting to know this stretch of canal really well and can nearly do it on her own but once the washing was done we stopped..
 Once we were moored we got out the washing line and Del was chopping the wood up.

It soon started to get cold as the sun went down so we snuggled back inside Derwent6 and played games all afternoon.....and remembering to watch the canal programme on the telly this evening..

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