Monday, March 10, 2014

Blowing out the cobwebs, (is Spring here)

Sunday we were up early (6.30am to be precise) as Del wanted to get away for 7.00am just as the sun was rising.
As we crept past Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield they were also up and gave us a sending off on a very spring like day..
We soon got to the locks at Hillmorton and had another boat in front of us but both locks were in our favour and they kindly opened the gates for us which speeded things up a little (what does the word speed mean). The flowers were loving the sunshine it was so spring like.
We took a very steady cruise on to Braunston and it wasn't that busy. We then topped up with water and got rid of our rubbish..
We were then tempted by the smell of a full English coming out of the boat café close to the water point. It was so busy, but Al managed to get a couple of extra large bacon butties to keep us going..

 Keep us going it did, as we made our way up to Braunston Locks which were all against us.
It was very quiet here, probably because there were locks closed ahead of us but not in the direction we were going. We then got to the tunnel and we got through without any problems apart from getting a bit wet..
We got to Norton Junction and turned onto the Leicester line and pushed on to Watford Locks as they close early during the winter months..
We arrived at 2.30pm and found out they closed at 3.30pm so we were clear to go.. The volunteer lock keeper helped us up through the flight and we soon got cruising again at the top..

We moored up on one of our favourite moorings at this time of year where you can watch the Spring lamb's playing in the field opposite.
They do keep you awake at night though!!!!

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