Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life's Up's and Down's

We were up a bit later as we were meeting Del's Mum Pat and Keith at 10.00am at their house in Welford. We arrived for a cup of tea at the ready and had a good catch up with everything that had gone on over the last three months.. We were also treated with a lovely lunch. Del helped out with some small computer issues they had, but they were soon resolved.. In the afternoon Pat and Keith had Bowling practice at the local leisure centre in Market Harborough, so we took the opportunity to go swimming. It was a lovely centre and a very warm pool which was lucky. We tried not to over do it knowing we would ache a bit in the morning, but guess what.... we are going to ache in the morning!
We then put all the weight we had lost back on with a hot chocolate and a large bakewell tart in the cafe at the Leisure Centre.
While we were having our afternoon tea we got a phone call from Al's Dad saying that her Mum was slurring and dropping to sleep like she was going into a coma. It was Al's quick thinking that she realised her Mum's sugar levels may have dropped and sure enough they were at 1.8 when they should be between 4 and 7..  Alf tried making her eat sugar, as he had no chocolate in the house but she kept dropping off and wouldn't eat. He poured honey down her neck and after a short while the response was slow and her count had risen to 2.2.. Al then told him to go next door and ask if they had any chocolate (as they had a little boy) but all they had was cooking chocolate so he tried bits of that. Lucky a lady in the house opposite had spotted him rushing round holding the phone speaking to Al and she had some chocolate drops, perfect.. All this knowing her Dad had just had a pacemaker fitted.. After a hour Pam (Al's mum) slowly came back. Phew that was a close one. Alf was so worried.....
Pat and Keith meet us in the café and we made our way back to their house after getting some advise from the computer shop in Harborough. We then got their network sorted and then walked back to Derwent6 to get ready for the evening..
Pat and Keith then picked us up and took us to a lovely pub called the Coach and Horses. They had a early bird menu with two meals for twelve pounds and we both had a lovely rump steak.. afterwards a band, J for Jazz, were playing in the pub.
Most of them were in their eighties and they had been playing Dixieland Jazz together for years. It was all foot tapping hands clapping stuff you just couldn't keep still. We had seen them before at the Black Horse in Foxton and we loved them then.. They just make you realise what life is all about, FUN!
At the end we were also given a lovely treat as Mum and Keith paid for our meal for our Anniversary which is next week, a big thank you to you both for a lovely few days.. We drove home in very thick fog so don't know if we will be moving early tomorrow or not..


Chris Trotman (Black Swan) said...

Strangely enough, I'm told, the best thing to feed someone with low blood sugar is bread not something absolutely full of sugar. Mind in those circumstances I think I would have used both.

Wozie nb oakfield said...

Lets hope that things run more smoothly for you from now on!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my mum has been an insulin dependent diabetic for years. After a while both you and the patient learn the early signs of problems. My mother always has glucose tablets in her bag/in the house and people close to her know where they are. I think she gets these from a pharmacy. (I have lived a distance from my family for many years, so am a bit hazy on some details.)Perhaps also a bottle of lucozade may be an idea.
I am sure her diabetic nurse could give advice. Also a diabetic about to go into coma counts as a 999 emergency and crews carry monitors and treatment. Hope this is of some help. Chris F.

Anonymous said...

The mini coke cans (not diet) or small orange juice cartons bring the levels back up real quick, or 4 gluco tabs (sains and chemist have them) then a pack of crisps and a proper meal soon after. The coke cans are good as they have a long shelf life and would be easy for you to get store and instruct your Dad over the phone if needed.


Del and Al said...

Thanks guys for all your comments, any advice is really helpful.....