Friday, March 14, 2014

Fog on the Line

We wanted to leave early this morning but when we looked out of the porthole it was thick fog here at the end of the Welford Arm.. So it was a case of waiting!!
We sorted out some things while we waited like rubbish, and a quick tidy up.. Del pulled out of the Wharf at 8.45am and it was still very foggy.. When we got to the lock we could only see about 15 metres..... tricky, but we were very careful.
 It was quite eerie as we went up the arm and then made the turn on to the good old Leicester Line..
It makes it so different when the weather changes and in a funny way more exciting..  The sun was trying to push its way through the fog, but really seemed to struggle. It made it quite damp and cold in places as we worked our way through the twists and turns of the contours of the countryside.
At midday you could feel the sun warming the roof up and it made it very hazy. We passed Yelvertoft and we passed three boats all of a sudden as the sun came out.
As we got to Crick the sun was out in full glory, and you've got it we then had a tunnel..
Crick tunnel is so wet a the moment, so it was wet weather gear on and go for it.. We passed another boat right in the middle, but with no problems. Al then moored up Derwent6 in our favourite spot with the sound of the lambs.
Del then unloaded the wood and started chopping it up and soon had the locker filled while Al read her book in the cratch in the sunshine.
Del then went on the hunt for more wood he had spotted nearby on the way up. We soon had the roof loaded up. Al then made some fajitas which we had with a bit of telly, then Bob Harris Country on Radio Two, followed by the football.........lovely


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Am I correct in thinking it's your wedding anniversary on Tuesday

Chas and Ann said...

The sun is shining on our garden and we are out there planning to make it colourful. The out door life for us despite not being on our boat!
Good to keep in touch with your travels.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jill anniversary is wed yours on 18th? Have a lovely day x

Del and Al said...

Hi Chas and Ann its great to be able to get outside in this long awaited sunshine. Enjoy your garden and love to you both....the cut misses you x