Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

We got up quite early and had some breakfast before Del went out and chopped up the wood we managed to get yesterday. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful blue sky's and it seemed a good day to cruise.
We set off with the sun on our backs and it felt so peaceful with the birds singing us on our way
It looked like these trees were going to fall on us! The wind had dropped and the scenery was fantastic, we even passed three boats on the way. Al then decided she would stoke the fire through the tunnel and Del was singing "smoke gets in your eyes" but managed not to hit the tunnel wall. When we got back to Foxton we moored in a nice quiet spot. It was so warm that Del polished the side and the wind was so slight that a hot air balloon went floating by. In the distance the black clouds were looming so we battened down the hatches just in time for a massive hailstone storm (where did that come from). The towpath was soon white as it was hitting the roof. We watched the ice skating at the Olympics and then relaxed listening to the rain in the evening, with our pancakes. Yep, no pancake pan (who did have that?) but they were still scrummy!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful day - wonderful life!


Sue, Indigo Dream