Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boaters Music Night

The sun was out this morning so Del got out and wiped the boat down after it had been splashed with mud again. He also made the mistake of doing the roof brasses. We had just had some lunch when there was a tap on the stern... It was Alan from Axiom propellers ( ) and it was great to see him. He had been following the blog and came out to see us on the off chance. He came in for a coffee and was gathering some more feedback on the performance of the prop. We have been really happy with how things have been going and now wouldn't change it for the world. After he left, it rained, so we sat and watched the Rugby and Football. In the evening we walked down to the Whalf Inn as they were having a few bands playing. These bands are all boaters from the marina which get together every year. It is organised by Ron who plays the washboard on n.b Strollin Bones and the compare is Bruce on n.b Boston. We had some others turn up who play in a Lonney Donigan tribute band and also some Country was played by some friends Ron. Well it turned out to be a pub lock in, and it didn't finish till 1.30am in the morning...Good job Derwent6 was a hundred yards from the pub. With our singing voices worn out and our heads spinning we fell into bed.

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