Thursday, February 18, 2010

Al down in Reading

We didn't blog yesterday because we didn't do that much. The weather was wet with some sleet and for the best part of the day we were watching the Olympics. We also watched the football in the evening....

Today Al has made her way down to Reading while Del stayed on Derwent6. She is seeing some friends Joyce & Steve and going to a cookware party in the evening. Just as Al left it started to snow, and snow, and snow. By the time she was down in Reading Derwent6 was under four inches of snow. It was one of those put a log on the fire days. Del went for a walk in the afternoon and ended up (funnily enough) in Bridge 61. They had a power cut due to the weather and The Foxton Locks Inn had to close, but the good old 61 just lit a few candles and got the fire roaring, it was very cosy. It also didn't help that all boaters were greeted with a sambuca with the first pint, mixing is not good for Del... We all had a good boating chat and the power did come back on at around 9.30, which was Del's call to stagger back. We had now had six inches but it didn't appear to be freezing.
Al in the meantime was enjoying catching up with Joy, enjoying a lovely meal and of course a couple of glasses of wine. It was then off to the Pampered Chef party at Lorry's which was good fun.......more eating and drinking......and falling into bed at midnight with not a snowflake in sight!

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