Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stocked up in snowy Welford

With Derwent6 now plastered in mud and we also had this nice view out the window. Actually it looks like a blackbird in a tree but in fact it's dog s**t hooked up in a bush in a black plastic bag....the mentality of some people. At 10.30am it started to snow hard so won't be moving today.... So it was time for a few more jobs, one of which was to get the bike back on the road as we had got a new inner tube for it. At 1.00pm we had a Tesco delivery so all the cupboards are now full and it can snow how much it likes..Derwent6 has now done it's first thousand hours and is due a service, but we will wait for it to warm up a bit before doing it. In the afternoon we watched DVD's and then Al watched telly in the evening while Del practiced playing the guitar......confined to the bedroom.

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