Monday, February 08, 2010

We know! Where have we been!

Well it wasn't London to visit the Queen........ yep we have been down in Kent for a few days again... With Derwent6 being looked after, and Al with her anti muddy boot bags, (thanks Tesco's) we travelled down on Thursday. We had managed to get cheap rail tickets for that day, and when down there, stayed with Al's Mum & Dad. On the Friday we went and saw Steve and Deb after Steve's hip operation. It was pleasing to see him moving around on his two sticks and good to see them all. We also picked up some fancy dress costumes for a party we had Saturday night.

On Saturday we had a few jobs to do around Pam & Alf's and then it was off to Steve and Nicola's 30th birthday party.It was good to see that most people had made the effort to dress up. The theme was children's character hero's and we went as Bill & Ben... On the Sunday we were up early again and off to see Bernie & Sarah, as Al and Sarah were off to the O2 to see the show "Strictly Come Dancing". They met up with some other girlfriends and got the train up to London and then the Clipper down to the O2 arena. They couldn't take photos in there, but Al did manage to take this one of the dance floor. They all had a fabulous day.

Well we arrived back on Derwent6 today at around 2.30pm after our train into London got held up and we missed the connection to Market Harborough. This put us behind a bit, and we had to get water. After getting on a very cold Derwent6 we fired up the central heating and then made our way to the water point in the snow. The taps at the top of the locks were not working so we had to use a sneaky tap which is behind the coffee shop. We had to put Derwent6 right up to the lock gate to make the hose reach, but it was a fast tap. We then lit the fire and with the cold snap approaching we thought we had better stay on coal. We were down to our last two bags, so while filling with water we walked down to the shop at the bottom lock and picked up another two bags. By this time the water tank was full and the snow was getting worse, but not managing to lay. We reversed back to the arm and the wind (which by this point had got up) helped to turn us round. We got back to a nice mooring and set up the tv dish. By this time Derwent6 was warm and toasty again and it wasn't long before we fell asleep in the heat. As much as we love seeing everyone, it's good to be home....

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Anonymous said...

Bill and Ben went to the pub...
Bill said "flubberdub" Ben said "Ill get these youre pissed!"

Love the costumes and loved catching up today - cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

Z xxxx