Sunday, February 21, 2010

More snow with Sunday Lunch

Woke up and removed the porthole bung at 8.00am and was greeted with it blocked with snow. Yep we had another inch overnight, and yep the canal had frozen. We had some breakfast and then to prove we didn't have a hangover from last night we had a sing song ourselves. Al got out here recorder and Del tried to play along with her, which was a tad difficult as Del can't read music...yet! At 11.30am we decided to have a walk down to the locks as it was very pretty outside and slowly starting to thaw again. We had to be very careful as it was very icy in places. We went to the Foxton Locks Inn at 12.00 and were lucky enough to get a table out on the terrace underneath the patio heaters. We had just the best Sunday lunch and came out with very full belly's. Good job we were going to walk it off getting back to Derwent6. In the afternoon Al went back to her book while Del crashed out on the sofa. The canal has stayed frozen all day, but in the afternoon a boat did go past us crashing it's way through the ice. If it doesn't freeze tonight we might be able to move tomorrow, but don't bank on it.

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See what you mean about the ice.