Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hook, Line and Sinker

While Del & Al were at Steve's fiftieth Birthday party at their favourite restaurant (see Link) they were done good and proper... As you all know there has been a Derwent Gnome who has also had a blog. ( ) This gnome was taken from our front garden at our house leaving party and until this day we didn't know who had taken it. So for a year we have been trying to guess who that person, or persons were. This year we have even had pictures of the gnome on Derwent6 which had narrowed it down to a few people, but still we didn't know.
Well it was all revealed at the party when we all had a group photo taken and if you look closely the gnome was on Steve's shoulder at the back. He had great pleasure in presenting gnomey back to us and everyone had great pleasure in all being involved. Gnomey did a bit of dancing and helped cut the cake. In fact we were a bit disappointed that it had all come to a end as Derwent gnome had created a bit of a fan club on the cut. He will now take pride and place back on Derwent6 (until he goes missing again)


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Anonymous said...

Al must have done this blog as I am quite sure Del will not want derwent gnome around.

Not derwent gnome any more but