Monday, February 22, 2010

What's that screeching!

When we got up this morning it looked like the ice had gone but when we looked up and down the canal, it was only clear on our little section. We still had the snow and it was still very cold with quite a strong wind. So decision made, we can't move again today, so what jobs can we do. Del started the engine to charge the batteries and got a loud screeching noise from the belts, so that was the job for the day. Engine covers off, and spanners out to adjust the pulleys. In fact all the belt pulleys were working loose so it was a job well done. We still have a noise coming from an adjusting pulley which Sam from Foxton Boat Services was going to look at for us, but when we called him he had forgotten all about us. He will remember us when we breakdown.... Mind you, all this did give us a chance to use our new ipod docking station in the engine room, which we got last time we were down in Kent, which gives a really good sound and runs on mains or batteries, and it is also nice and small. But the best bit is it was only £14.99..... We also stuck Alan's brass plate from Axiom Propellers up in the engine room..
While all this was going on Al was making cakes again and the smell was to die for...
No one is moving around here as things just keep freezing up overnight. We don't mind, we've got nice views and good TV signal for the Olympics, and an ok Internet signal. We are getting low on wood so will have to go on the hunt tomorrow.

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