Friday, February 19, 2010

This country is so beautiful

With Al still in Reading, Del was woken up by lumps of snow hitting the roof where it was beginning to thaw. It was just so pretty you just can't put it into words and the pictures can only show how it was. You could just sit and watch the snow falling from the trees into the canal. Del had a hangover and found it difficult just to make some toast, so he spent the best part of the morning laying down. Al arrived back at around 3.00pm and she had a good time.

She left her friend Joy in Reading in glorious sunshine, and arrived back home to the snow.

At Foxton Locks, Al bumped into Vanessa off of nb Balmaha (see link) and had a good old natter catching up. Del meanwhile was worried that Al had fallen in the canal on some of the slippy sections of towpath!

So snow once more, but it is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you Al! Hope Del enjoyed his beans on toast ... while we slummed it with our chicken in red wine? :-)

I can't believe how quickly the time went - I don't suppose it had anything to do with our nattering?!!

What a beautiful sunny and dry day it's been in Reading today - hope the snow thaws soon for you!

If not before, will see you at the girile evening (once I've planned it!).

Joy & Steve xx

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear! This country IS so beautiful - if we didn't have a boat we'd never have noticed!

Sue, Indigo Dream

abfab said...

Looks so beautiful, winter wonderland.


Derwent Gnome said...

It looks cold up north at this time of the year. Dont do any thing stupid like falling in the lock again or you might just look like the snow man you made. The weather was a lot better when I was on your roof. Still see you soon as FOOTBALLS COMING HOME ITS COMING HOME ITS COMING HOME.



Anonymous said...

looks like you need some sun.


Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, it's like a winter wonderland up here.......very beautiful.