Friday, December 22, 2017

Rev counter problem

After doing the crankshaft pulleys, Beta asked us for the hours that Derwent6 had done.. When we looked we had a blank screen on the hours gauge.. After looking on the forums we saw that if they have a damp problem they stop working..

When Del was doing the pulley's it was snowing at times, and as light was needed to work on the engine the sliding hatch was left open and the gauges got wet..
Del removed the Rev Counter and dried it out next to the fire, and he also noticed one of the panel bulbs had blown.
We went to the chandlers in Braunston and picked up a few things...... oil, a chimney brush, and some rope for the fire door..
On our return Del fitted the bulbs and refitted the Rev Counter and hay presto it worked..
We have now sent the hours into Beta and are waiting for our invoice.
We are enjoying being on shoreline for the Christmas period and also having a hire car is a nice treat..

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