Monday, December 04, 2017

Nine years old and the decs up

We were up early and decided to get out the Christmas decorations to see what we had.. It turned out we had plenty of stuff to turn Derwent6 into a grotto.
We had plenty to celebrate as to the day Derwent6 is nine years old. We remember the boat being craned in the water at Debdale and putting our belongings on board with the feeling and smell of fresh cut oak and new fabrics as we struggled to find a space to put it all, not knowing all the nooks and crannies yet. It was so unreal! we really were going to live the dream!
So here we are nine years down the line and still not regretting any of it. It still feels like that first day, in fact Derwent6 has gained a bit more character and has become more part of us.. Yes the paintwork has faded slightly and the woodwork has moved a bit, but its still HOME!
So Christmas is upon us, and the morning was spent putting up the decorations and we were pleased with the outcome..
The tree still looked good in the corner and we had some special decorations from Al's Mum and Dad's which took pride of place as a reminder of some fantastic Christmases we had had down in Kent with them..

Derwent6 is our haven in the countryside, and Christmas is a special time for us for taking the time to meet friends and family, and remembering those that are not with us anymore...

It was nice in the evening with the tree lights on and a glass of wine with a good film, bring on Christmas!
Tooty is loving his advent calendar!

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Anonymous said...

We remember the long cold snowy day Derwent 6 left Fernwood and our shell arrived!
Quite a few cruising miles clocked up and interesting adventures have been enjoyed since then, eh?
It's grrreat that you can snuggle up warm and cosy in the quiet of the countryside together now.
Cats are good company too, even though they spend much time in the warmest places dozing.
Ann and Keith xx