Monday, December 18, 2017

Dense Fog for a treat!

It was another cold night and the canal was frozen, but only just. Del got up and started to chop up the wood on the roof to fill up the front locker. Halfway through Al made a nice egg on toast breakfast to keep us going.. When the wood was done, Derwent6 got a quick wipe down and then we set off for a change of scenery..
It had warmed up very slightly and two boats had gone past us breaking up the ice, so we felt it wouldn't do too much damage. The problem was the dense mist which had descended on us, which turned into freezing fog..

We came through Hillmorton and it got like pea soup, so the lights were on.
They are really getting on with the new bridge at Butlers Leap which will be bridge 66A.
We came to Clifton Marina and we were blocked again by boats across the canal and had to wait while they moved them..
With all this fog we did spot some great wildlife, but the concentration levels needed were very high..
Things seemed to clear a bit as you came to the tunnel at Newbold but that changed when you came out the outside..

The fog was now so bad you could hardly see 50 feet in front of you, as you can see from this picture of a boat coming with no lights..
We turned into Brinklow Marina and found it still solid with ice as we pulled onto the services for a pumpout. We cut a path to get there...
Until this engine is sorted and we check our battery situation we feel we need to be on shoreline for a bit, so we have decided to treat ourselves to power and a hire car for Christmas..
It has been a tough week or so, but we got through it. We do like a challenge, we think that's why we do this!.. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an ordeal, no wonder there was a gap in your blog posts.
Luckily Del is knowledgeable on engines, let's hope things run more smoothly from now on for you bothe, cheers.
Ann and Keith xx

Anonymous said...

know a man who knows all about this fault his name is mark and his phone no is 07850683210 might be worth a call

Del and Al said...

Hi Anonymous, Thanks, we have called Mark and had a very interesting conversation with him which has given us other leads..