Sunday, December 17, 2017

Doing Day

As we pulled the bungs out of Derwent6's portholes we expected the canal to be frozen solid but due to it being windy it hadn't. It turned out to be a lovely day and the snow was still fresh and soft to walk on.. Today was going to be a doing day, and we started by sorting out our Christmas cards and our presents we had to send off, and then walking down to the shop to post them all. The towpath was so pretty to walk along, and with the schools all shut round here the kids were out to have fun in the snow..
It was nice to see that the roads were very wet, but clear of snow, but less could be said about the paths. We had to walk very gingerly to the post office, which was up hill, god help us when we have to go back down..
We sorted out our post, and holding on to each other managed to get down the hill and back to the canal. It was nice and warm on Derwent6 and after the kettle had been warming on the stove a nice cup of tea was in order.
It was then back to doing, and we started to wrap up the presents we had on board. It was fun with our Christmas songs playing in the back ground and the snow outside.. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone now..
With nothing on telly we relaxed with some music and sorted out some more Christmas presents, maybe we will pick them up tomorrow if the weather lets us..
Tonight we are due one of the coldest nights of 2017 with a prediction of minus twelve in rural spots (that's us)
So watch this space to see how we get on and lets hope nothing freezes (fingers crossed)

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