Sunday, October 08, 2017

Noisy here

We didn't have a good night due to the wind rocking us around. Del had prepared Derwent6 by taking things off the roof except the satellite dish which we needed for telly.
On inspection things were ok but the guys doing the dredging had started their noisy machinery at 7.23am. At 7.30am the barges were going backwards and forwards with sludge.
At 10.00am it all stopped and they must have gone to breakfast, so it was an opportunity for us to make a move, also the sun had come out.
We got going after doing a few checks and made our way round to where the dredging was taking place. They had just started again and the guy on the dredger maneuvered the barge so we could get through.
We managed it ok but where the mud had been brought to the surface we lost steering and when into the bank. After a bit of messing about we got going. You could tell why they had to do it, the rudder was difficult to move as it was in mud and we had to idle most of the way to the next lock.
We moored up just before the lock and was happy with our days work.
Al then went into Leighton Buzzard and checked out the shops and Del did the brasses.
It was a relaxing day for us then, with the football on in the evening. Al had cooked a lovely minty lamb chop dinner, yum! Lets hope we stay awake through the football!

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