Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chancing Friday 13th

We saw the wind had picked up a bit from yesterday, but still decided to make a move from here at Pitstone.
We went round the corner and found the two locks were in our favour, a good start to Friday 13th. The good news about the wind, was that it was behind us.

 These locks were easy and when we looked back two boats had joined us, not so lucky for them.
We cruised on towards Marsworth which was busy with moored boats.
When we got to the Aylesbury Arm, we saw they had built Apartments on the old Waterways site and also they had built a new disposal point alongside..
The sun came out and we got to the bottom of the Marsworth flight of seven locks, and again they were all in our favour.
After the first lock you can see the reservoir and it did look quite full, which is good news.
At the top of the flight the top lock looked in poor repair and was leaking so bad we had trouble opening the gates..

At Bulbourne we passed the Wendover Arm and then stopped and topped up with water where a small gap had been left by boats to get in there.
Obviously some boaters can't read.

We then headed towards Cowroast, passing Tring Station. It was really leafy and pretty through here and we had to keep clearing the prop, but for a change there was plenty of water.
I wonder if this fella has to pay car tax.
We found a nice spot to moor just before the marina and even managed telly, all the signals have been great down the GU.
So on our travels this week, again we have seen no one monitoring moorings....
We just chilled in the afternoon, it had been a good Friday 13th for us (touch wood)..

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