Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In The Grove

After a bit of a lay in, we decided to leave. We had trouble getting off as the canal had got very shallow overnight.. We got to the lock and met a guy from CaRT who was letting water down for us all. While he was helping us up he got a call saying that the top lock gate at the Soulbury three had failed and he needed to go and check it out..
That's not good news for us if we decided to go back up the GU..
We moored outside Tesco's and while Al went and got Derwent6 loaded with food Jule's came by on the coal boat and supplied Del with some coal and a gas bottle..
We then got rid of our rubbish we had accumulated over the last few days and then set off again just as it started to drizzle with rain.
We took a steady cruise up to Grove Lock and then decided to moor up for the day.
There has been a lot of dredging work carried out round here and it has been a massive help.
We relaxed in the afternoon and then walked down to The Grove Lock pub for something to eat..
It was nice food, but a little on the expensive side, but it went down well with a few beers.. We then walked back and watched some football and the next installment of our favourite drama at the moment Liar..

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