Sunday, July 30, 2017

East of Leigh, or Astley

After a restless night with Al's back and Tooty wanting to go out, we set off at 8.00am knowing we were going to push on today.
Al walked to the first lock which wasn't too far away and we soon got in the groove to get going.. We passed through Crooke and soon got to Wigan where we passed the pier.
We took the turn onto the Bridgewater (which Marky missed first time) and got through the two tricky locks of Poolstock.
We headed on towards Leigh and first stopped for water just past the lift bridge.
After getting through the town and past the old mills we had made good progress to Astley.
Astley got its name because it was East of Leigh......East Leigh got changed to Astley.
We got a mooring on the old coal mining boat loading moorings, which still has the rings used in the 60's and 70's.
We then got ready to go down the pub to meet up with Chris and Vanessa with the kids. We managed to get a table and grabbed something to eat..
We all had a lot of fun and got back home at 9.00pm, as Al needed to rest her back.

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