Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ferry Cross the Mersey

We had a bit of a lay in, and the sunshine woke us up through the window. It seemed a nice day to take the Mersey ferry as Al had got some cheap tickets using her Tesco's vouchers.
We got the midday ferry which takes you over to Seacombe which has a spaceport, and a U Boat tour at Woodside/Birkenhead. The round trip takes 50 minutes and gives you a great view of Liverpool and also you learn a lot about what the buildings are along the Mersey. Oh and yes! you get to sing "Ferry cross the Mersey"
We didn't fancy the spaceport but stayed on the ferry till we got to Birkenhead. The U Boat Story was about U-534 a German submarine which was sunk during the war and resurfaced and brought back to the UK.
The only disappointing thing for the boys was that it had been broken into four pieces and you couldn't walk through it, but they had glassed the ends so you could see through it..
It was still worth the visit and good to see..
We then walked up to Birkenhead and the gardens at Hamilton square, well worth a walk.
We ended up having lunch in some lovely tearooms with great food, we had jackets and a BLT.

We walked back to the ferry as the heat was getting to us a bit and jumped on the 2.30am ferry back to Liverpool.
We spent the afternoon chilling on Derwent6 with a ice crush and a cake taking in the views, people watching..
In the evening we went back to the Cavern, as it is free to get in on Monday Tuesdays and Wednesdays still with loads of live music.

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