Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Free wine and a Mine

Al had a lay in because she hadn't had a good night with her bad back, and Del polished the side as the weather was so good.
We then walked to the Colliery museum which was close by, and in the nearby woods you can still see the tracks for the coal trucks.

Afterwards we watched the Qualifying of the Grand Prix on line and then we decided to walk to a pub with Sky Sports to watch the race.
It was a short twenty minute walk to the pub and we got a good spot.
The problem was that wine was on offer, so for £12.00 you got two glasses of wine and the rest of the bottle was free,.
We had two bottles between us, but Mark had two bottles to himself. Oopps! we had trouble getting him home.
As you can imaging that finished us off for the day..
Sian came back late in the day so we were ready to set off in the morning.

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