Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chris's Laminate, Messy, very messy

Today was one of those days we had been looking forward to all year. Chris had done a laminated pub crawl for anyone who turned up as he knew Liverpool very well.
We had a bit of a lay in and had bacon rolls for breakfast trying to line our stomachs for the onslaught. There was eight of us and the first booking was the Panoramic 34 at midday, a cocktail bar on top of a tower. No it wasn't cheap but the cocktails and views were out of this world..

It was while we were here that we received an unexpected text. Friends Paul and Sam from Surrey had decided to take a weekend break up to Liverpool and while looking round the docks noticed Derwent6 on the pontoons. "Where are you? they said, catch up with us was the reply we would love to see you, but warning it might get messy" After our fifth pub they found us, it was just so fantastic to see them..
We're not going to take you round the tour but here are some of the pics we took in most of the pubs. Chris did a brilliant job giving us all the history and also including some great food in some fantastic restaurants..  Thanks again Chris!

The night finished in Flanagan Apples where live music is played on three levels, very messy!

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