Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Volunteer, Birthday and Mother's Day

Al had a train to get at 11.30am so we spent the morning getting her sorted for another trip to Kent.. This time it was to help out volunteering with a charity event for the British Legion where Al's friend Sarah had arranged a pamper evening and Al was helping serving the drinks (and also managed to incorporate a couple of mini pamper sessions)..  She got down to Kent at 3.00pm and was picked up by Hannah..  The Pamper Evening started at 7.00pm and it went on till 11.00pm, Oh and I forgot to say on the drinks stand there were glasses of wine for a £1.00, Hmmm not good! 
Del on the other hand spent the day doing brasses, so he was in his element..
On the Saturday Al stayed with Bernie and Sarah, had some breakfast and then had a shopping fix with Sarah on a glorious sunny day.. Late afternoon they went to Goddaughter Tanya's 23rd Birthday party at a restaurant in Sevenoaks.
They all had a lovely evening with more drinking and eating and after saying goodbye to everyone Al was taken to her Mum and Dads which was only ten minutes away from where they were.
Del spent the day sorting out the engine room and polishing Derwent6 so she was in tip top condition, so just the tip bottom to go..
On Sunday all the clocks sprung forward, and Al had breakfast with her Mum on Mothers day, before she got the train back to Derwent6..
Del was up early and soon had the cratch boards exposed, and as it was another nice warm day he was rubbing them down. They were very green from the wet winter we had had, and needed a lot of TLC.
We have never painted the cratch boards and have always oiled them, which seems to be working. They come up lovely.
Al arrived back at 2.30pm and with the sun out, we soon chilled in cratch catching up with all the weekend events.. It has got to silly season, as we all call it on the cut, where some hire boaters and private owners all rush around trying to make the most of the good weather or time they have out on their boats. I just wish some of them would slow down a little as at this time of the year all the wildlife is hatching out, and a large wake can ruin everything for them, and in the end for us all..

It turned out to be a lovely evening and it was light till 8.00pm, but we've got to admit we were both knackered and ended up having an early night......

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