Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Alf's Second Operation and a Birthday

On Thursday afternoon we made our way down to Kent.. Alf (Al's dad) was having his second operation on a smaller tumour he had in his liver.. He wasn't happy because they had told him this time he had to be put out for this one.. Del stayed with Pam (Al's mum) and Alf and Al made their way back up to London, first to have his pace maker checked out and then to find him a bed for his operation.. Al stayed with him till 8.00pm and they found him one later that night..  He went down for his opp on the Friday afternoon at 1.00pm and we waited for the news of him coming out. Al got back to the hospital at 2.00pm and waited by his bed for him to arrive..  He came back at 5.00pm with the news that he didn't need a GA and was awake the whole time..  He did say it bloody hurt but at least his recovery was so much better.. In fact it was so good he was nearly back to normal, but feeling very tired..  Al left and got back to Kent at 9.00pm, also knackered herself. Del was also pretty worn out with Pam, bless her, telling him the same story for the best part of the day, so it was an early night for us all..
On the Saturday we received a phone call from Alf at midday saying "come and get me, I feel great"
Al managed to get him back home by 3.00pm and by 5.00pm he was on the computer ordering his on line shopping for next week, at eighty seven he is unreal.. As he felt so well, on the Sunday we went down to see Bernie on his 52nd Birthday.. Del and Bernie went down the pub and watched the football followed by the Grand Prix with a few beers and then came back to his house and got ready for a meal out at The Oak on the Green pub for a lovely meal in the evening..
On the Monday we went back to Alf and checked to see he was alright.. Well he was like a hopping bunny and had never felt so good, so he said.. As he looked and felt so good we planned to come back to Derwent6 on Tuesday and pick up our crew member on the way..  We met Thomas at Otford station and changed at Bromley to get through London.. We got back to Derwent6 at 2.00pm..We warmed up Derwent6 and then sat down to watch the football with dinner..

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