Thursday, April 24, 2014

Del's Juice, ON TELLY!

We had a plan today to clear out some old rubbish and Del wanted to lubricate all the locks and hinges for the summer months.. First job was to repair the table in the cratch which had come loose on the screws. Then it was a grease up of the hinges and get rid of the rubbish. Del then went out on his bike and took the route over the Ridgeway. As he pulled out of the woods and got to the main road at Ivinghoe he spotted a large camera filming. "What's going on?" Del asked. "Oh! Keith Lemon" the guy replied and as he answered Keith (Leigh Francis) went past on the back of a trailer..
Del peddled like mad to catch up with him and followed him for about a mile in camera shot..
He must have been filming Celebrity Juice. Worn out he stopped at another camera and heard on the walky talky he was coming back so Del got the camera out..
He took a shot of him and took chase, when the trailer stopped at the bottom of a hill and turned into a car park where Keith Lemon rushed off to relieve himself in the woods.. "Hope you've got a wide angle on that lens" he shouted "need it for meself" Del replied. He laughed!

He jumped back on the trailer and answered a phone call before heading off.
Fancy that in the middle of the woods.
Del then took the Ridgeway track through the very pretty bluebell path which took you high up on the hills, beautiful!
He got back to Derwent6 where Al had been doing the (boat) housework and then reading her book. We had an early dinner and chilled with the telly, on telly!!!!!


Jacquie said...

I love Keith Lemon & Celebrity Juice - nutty as a fruitcake. At least he went behind a tree, he's not so normally shy is he ? LOL, All looks a bit suspect in them woods !!!! Happy Cruising ( on the water :) ) then guys. Luv Jac x

Ann and the Cabin Boy said...

That made us larf!
Nothing seems to escape the lens of Del boy, does it?
Happy days!

Gary said...

Great pictures, Bet you could make a few quid with them !!

nb Chance said...

Great Post, the things that happen to you two!!! You should have asked for some free tickets for celebrity juice! Hope we catch up with you sometime! Doug and James xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Jac, he's great isn't he? Del said he was really friendly and they had a right laugh! x

Hi Ann & Keith, you know Del and his camera lol always at the ready x

Hi Gary & Carolyn, hadn't thought of that.....hmmmmm x

Hi Doug & James
Missed a trick there! See you soon x