Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting our Fixes

On Saturday morning Del went down into London as he was meeting mate Bernie for a Colditz Society meeting which is held twice a year. It is a bit geeky but its a good day out and so interesting. He met Bernie at Victoria and they then had a good old traditional breakfast in Trafalgar Square.
We then walked to Waterloo over Hungerford bridge and spotted this hire boat going up the Thames in very windy and choppy conditions, but they were all enjoying it.. 
We met the rest of the Colditz gang in the Union Jack Club which is a club strictly for the forces.. The meeting was great as always with a small film of a past visit to Colditz.
Its not all about Colditz it also gives very interesting facts about the war and other escapes.. Afterwards we went to The Wellington pub and chatted to other members including Martin Frances who is rebuilding a life size scale of the Colditz glider and is a glider pilot himself..
There is a narrowboat on the system called Colditz and lets be honest it is a great escape.

Del watched the football in the pub with Bernie then he went back to Kent.. Al stayed on board Derwent6 .
On Sunday Del had his gliding fix with Bernie and they went flying with their model gliders for the morning and then watched the Chelsea/Liverpool game in the pub in the afternoon before getting the train back to Derwent6. Al had another shopping fix and got some exercise by walking back into Berkhamsted. We are now low on water and need a pump out so will have to move tomorrow..

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