Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Sunshine and showers

This morning we set off in the murky sunshine after some rain we had last night.. It was a bit warmer and quite nice cruising weather.. We soon got to a small construction at the Barby straight where CART were doing some sidings and a bit of dredging, but as we passed nothing was going on but we could here the kettle boiling..
We soon got up to Hillmorton Locks where someone had put these small woollen hearts on the lock gates, a lovely touch..
With the locks in our favour we soon got to the bottom and filled with water.. 
The tap was a bit slow but time was on our side, or so we thought.. We filled the tank and behind us black clouds were looming in..
We kept going for as long as we could till we could feel spots of rain.. We just had enough time to tie up and set up the satellite dish before we first got some heavy rain, hailstones and then snow with big claps of thunder.. Phew! We ended up lighting the fire and settling down for the night as Al had a busy day tomorrow...

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