Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Sunny Marsworth Flight

We set off after a bit of breakfast, (toasted hot cross buns of course,) and made our way down to Marsworth Locks watching the wildlife..
We first had a pair of locks which we had to do on our own, but they were in our favour so we went up with ease..
When we got to the top it was a very steady cruise pass the Aylesbury Arm and on to the main Marsworth flight..
We entered the first lock on our own and was helped by the lock keeper. We were then told that a boat had just gone up in front of us and was very kindly waiting in the next lock..
We did know this couple as we had met them briefly in Braunston once and they were experienced boaters. We soon had both boats going in and out of the locks together and this is a tricky flight to do that, as it twist and turns a bit.
We seemed to get to the top lock in record time and we weren't even trying..
Both boats wanted water and we waited behind as they filled up and we had some lunch... 
After we got topped up we carried on at the summit and Thomas took over the tiller through the trees.
He has slowly built up confidence on doing the locks on his own and now steering.. One day Del and Al could be siting on the bow having a glass of wine going along..
We got to Cowroast and found a nice spot in the sunshine where we could get a good telly signal between the trees..
In the past it has been very shallow here, but not this year, at the moment.. We did notice the reservoirs at Marsworth, we have never seen them this full.. The only interruption we had was Phil on n.b Hyperion, the coal boat who topped us up with diesel.
Thomas then started to do some studying (he has his mocks after Easter), and we chilled out in the cratch, till the sun went down..

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