Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Rugby catch up

It was another murky day, but again it was very warm for the time of year, so we planned to go into Rugby. We got to the bus stop at 10.30pm but the bus never showed up so we decided to walk in..  It was market day and we had a look round the stalls and picked up some cheap fire lighters from the Pound store.. It is that time of year when you're letting the fire go out and then lighting the fire when it gets cold so you have to stock up on matches, fire lighters and kindling..
We met up with Keith and Ann on n.b. Oakfield in Wetherspoons at midday. We found a nice spot and had a good catch up with some nice food and a free beer thrown in.. It was great laugh and so good to see them again... 
We finished doing some shopping in Asda's and then got the bus back to Derwent6 just before it started to rain..  Easter started early for us as we had a Easter egg late afternoon with a bit of telly :-)

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