Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunny cruising

We left early this morning if you call 8.30am early.. We were met by Keith and Ann and they said goodbye to us and helped us through the first lock..
Thomas was also woken to help us down this tricky flight..
Some of the gates and paddles are a bit tough and they always seem to leak a lot, so with Thomas it made things a lot easier.
At the bottom we popped into the chandlers and picked up the oil for Derwent6's next oil change. It was a bit expensive but we didn't have to carry it far, so it was worth it..
Once at the bottom, and with the sun warming up, it was just bliss cruising.. We passed one couple who were standing on the top of their boat waving as a microliter flew over and it turned out to be the guys brother..
We carried on twisting and turning down the Grand Union.. We passed Weedon and then made our way to Bugbrooke..
We found a lovely mooring all on our own, only bothered by the swans.
 Al got her washing out and Del started chopping up some wood, first sharpening the chainsaw.. We then went on the hunt for wood, and soon found some. There seems to be loads down here..

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