Friday, April 18, 2014

To Rothschilds secret masterpiece

We got up early and did some small jobs after breakfast, before we got the bus into Tring town centre.. We had to wait for a bus for about half an hour, because it was a Sunday service on a Bank Holiday.. It took ten minutes to get into town and as soon as we got there we made our way to Tring Zoological Museum.. Thomas was really looking forward to this as he is mad on animals and wildlife.

We had been before and we've got to say we were still blown away with the animals in there..
It is free entry and well worth the walk up to it.. It is like an over flow of the Natural History Museum in London. It was the home of Walter Rothschild who studied animals of all species back in the 1800's.
Thomas loved it and we had to pull him away as he wanted to spend all day in there..
We came out and grabbed some sausage and chips and then decided to do some geocaching in Tring..

We first did one in Tring park and was amazed at how big and beautiful it was..
The cowslips were all out and when we got to the woods the bluebells were out as well, it must be all this warmer weather.

It was fun seeing it's grounds and soon found our first prize..
We then set about our second hunt and this took us to Tring Church where we had to find some grave stones to give us the co-ordinates for a second find.. We found it with a bit of a walk, feeling smug we weren't beaten.. We then picked up some shopping and got the bus back at 5.00pm..
We arrived back at Derwent6 and it had got a bit busier here.. It has been so quiet, spooky for a Easter Weekend. Even in Cowroast Marina a lot of the boats have not moved.. All the hire boats at Leighton Buzzard must have gone the other way and we have been on our own here for the last couple of days..  We now have one boat behind us and a few boats have moored in front of us, but its still quiet as you normally struggle to get in here.  Thomas was having his last day with us today, so he sat and chilled watching a few Easter films and his favourite things on telly, together with an early Easter egg!

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Looks like Tom had a fab time as usual Terryxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx