Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shopping, water, and a BBQ

We weren't going to move today as we had a nice spot but when the weather is so nice it's rude not to cruise.. We had a coffee and then set off at a steady pace. It has been pretty quiet around these parts even though the weather has been good. We made our way to Leighton Buzzard where we stopped for food at Mr Tesco's.. Its an easy delivery which is why we use them..
We then moved about 100 metres and filled with water.. Its a tricky fill here as it's so close to the bridge but with no traffic we thought it best to get a top up.. 
We carried on as the day just seemed to get hotter but that breeze was nice in our faces.. At Grove Lock it was busy and we waited in the lock for someone else to follow us in.. we did get a thank you.
They were going to the IWA at Cassiobury Park...We were told that the IWA next year will be at Stratford upon Avon and blend with their own festival, so if you want to go book in now..  They went through the next lock with us and we told them where we planned to moor and they pushed in front of us going out of the lock and got to our mooring first..
We didn't mind as we found a more secluded mooring where we were on our own..

We set up the telly and then got out the BBQ. We had a nice shady spot where we could watch the world go by..

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