Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Onwards and Upwards the Napton flight

Yep after yesterday we didn't get much sleep.. Matthew ended up sleeping with Al, and Del slept on the settee. It didn't matter really, as we were all thinking about the same thing, hoping that Chris was alright from yesterday.
Trying to put it behind us we set off at 7.30am as we were all up.. We cruised for an hour passing Wigrams Turn or Napton Junction as we call it..
 We approached the Napton flight of locks with the windmill over looking us..
Matty was keeping a eye on Al doing the locks and reminding her of how dangerous they can be, he also helped on the gates..

We got to the top and it was very windy, we had trouble turning at Marston Doles. Al grabbed the centre rope as we turned and we managed to get round in one, a good maneuver we all thought. As we cruised along the top, three boats pulled out in front of us and we followed them for the four hours on to Fenny Compton.
We could see the thunder clouds in the distance and thought we were going to get very wet, but we only got the edge of it and it was a quick shower..
We arrived in Fenny at 2.45pm which was a good time as we had plenty of moorings to choose from..
After chilling out for a bit and Matty watching a film we then went to The Wharf and had some good old chips for dinner with ice cream for dessert..
Late into the evening Del and Matty sat and watched Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, and Stringray, till Matty fell asleep..  We sneaked to bed hoping for a better night.. saying a little prayer!

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