Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good News!

We all had to get up early as Matty and Al had a bus to catch at Cropredy. It was about a 15 minute walk to the bus stop and it had been arranged for 8.30am. We were about to leave and Del couldn't find his wallet. After searching Derwent6 we had nothing left but to ask at the pub we went to last night. We thought we would look in the garden first, where we sat, and sure enough it was still on the seat there..Lucky or what!!
We then walked to the bus stop and Al and Matty got on and said their goodbyes to Del. Al was meeting Matty's Dad in London and Matty was excited about the bus, train and tube ride.

While they were in London they received a text from Chris's wife Sylvia, the guy who fell in the lock at Buckby..

It was good news!!!!
Chris was recovering in the trauma unit of the Coventry Hospital with 21 stitches to his head and no broken bones, He did have some ligament damage to his neck and lots of soft tissue damage, but he was recovering well..........Amazing!! And the best news of the week!

A massive thanks to everyone for your comments and support, it is so appreciated, and we only did what we're sure anyone else would have done in that situation. We feel so much better, now that we know Chris is making a recovery, Lets hope they are both back with this wonderful boating community soon.


Paul and El said...

Tis good news indeed.

KevinTOO said...

Certainly is good news :)
Best wishes to Chris & Sylvia :)

Sue said...

Oh that is such good news. Chris was so lucky that was some fall into that lock.

Judith nb Serena said...

Glad to hear the good news that Chris is on the mend, hope Sylvia is getting over the shock.
Judith and John
nb Serena

Lisa said...

We have been thinking about poor Chris, what with my David's shoulders still not 100% we don't think that we would have been able to have saved him at all, I don't carry my phone doing the locks and David is about a third of Del's size on a good day. I can't imagine how we would have felt if it had happened to us and the result was different. Fantastic news he is recovering
Well done the pair of you.
NB What a Lark

nb AmyJo said...

What a relief to know Chris will be OK.
Good news indeed!

Jo Lodge said...

That is great news on Chris and such a relief for his family and you both. Happy cruising to you both xxxxxx