Monday, July 29, 2013

Long haul to Stoke Bruerne

We left early this morning, in fact it was one of our earliest, 6.30am, and headed to Stoke Hammond Lock..
Matty noticed a Cray Fish in the lock and we have seen a lot of them this year..
We then carried on to Fenny Stratford lock, the one with the swing bridge in the middle of it.. Matty was soon helping Al open the gates and helping on the swing bridge..
We then had some nice cruising to do in the sunshine around Milton Keynes. We like this section of the Grand Union with its tarmac towpaths and scenic trees.
We got to Cosgrove and went through the lock and headed on to Stoke Bruerne as we were making good time..

A boat had gone through the locks but they very kindly waited for us at the next lock which made the locks that much easier. We decided to stop in between the locks as Matty was all excited about going to the gift shop and the museum.
We moored up and then walked up to see it all..
Matty brought some things in the gift shop and loved the museum and we were all able to do a boating quiz as we walked round..
We then went back to Derwent6 for a shower and change as we were eating out in the evening. We went to The Spice of Bruerne, an Indian Restaurant right on the canal as Matty likes Indian food..
We had a lovely meal and were treated like kings in there..  We got back to Derwent6 knackered, but during the day Matty had made some strawberry tarts and had added his special touches to it, like the fudge he had brought at the Fudge Boat.
We were ready for bed after a long and tiring day.. with full tummies and fudged out....

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