Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Quiet Weekend required

Well after what had gone on last week Al just wanted to chill on Derwent6 so chill we did.... we're good at that.. The weather has been cracking and made you feel a bit lethargic so it was ideal for us to relax.. we watched the tennis and grand prix all weekend.. On Saturday night we treated ourselves to the pub and had a nice meal with a few beers.. It has been nice to sit out in the cratch with a candle and drink wine with some cheese and biscuits late into the evening....
On Sunday we did much of the same (enjoying marvellous Murray) but in the evening we met up with Adam on n.b Briar Rose. He was out on a trip on his own....you might know Adam from the Canal Boat reviews he does on new boats.
We had a long chat about what we were up to and his trip plans in September. We planned an early start in the morning so it was to bed for us at 10.30pm..

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