Saturday, July 06, 2013

A meet in London for JBJ

So Al was still down in Kent looking after her Mum while her Dad was in hospital..he still wasn't allowed to have his second bout of chemo and he was getting frustrated in there.. Al wasn't getting much sleep with her Mum up all night worrying about Alf, so a viscous circle really and also her arm had come up in a massive bruise..
Del had to stay with Derwent6 because  of where we were.. but he wasn't complaining.....
On Friday we planned to meet up. We had a Bon Jovi concert in London, so Al got some relief from her sister and met Del at Green Park tube station at 10.30am. We got in the fan club queue and she got a call from her Dad saying they were releasing him from hospital that afternoon and could come home.  They still couldn't give him his second bout of chemo but hey ho at least he was back home..This also meant that Al could return back to Derwent6 after the concert. We picked up our gold circle tickets and then got something to eat at Maccy D's..
It was nice to catch up with what had gone on..  We went to the toilet (as you do) before we left Macdonals and Del spotting their funny caption in the mens urinals... it said " This waterless urinal saves up to 100,000 litres of water a year" and you can see why, you couldn't use the bloody thing!!...
At 2.30pm we queued to get into the venue and decided we didn't want the barrier this time so sat at the back of the gold circle section so we could rest our backs against the fence, it was quiet nice in the sunshine and we did have a three hour wait till the band came on.. we had a band called BUSH who turned out to be very good then the Kaiser Chiefs came on and were very average we've got to say, with "I predict a riot" being their best hit.. 
Bon Jovi came on at 7.20pm and played till 10.20pm, so we had three hours of bliss even though Richie Sambora, Al's favourite guitarist. didn't play.. She wasn't happy!! but Jon, Dave and Tico performed well.

After the concert we got back to Green park with the thousands and then just managed to get a seat back to Milton Keynes on the main line train.. We walked back to Derwent6 at 1.00pm knackered, Del and Al styley!!! Live while we're alive and sleep when we're dead, still running through our heads....

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