Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matty's last day

We woke up to a damp day as it had been raining and it looked like it was going to rain again.. it was Matty's last day with us so we wanted to cruise with him, but we had to wait till Fenny Compton marina opened at 10.00am, so we could have a pump out.. We made our way along there at 9.30am and was surprised it was open already.. We managed to have a good pump out and soon got on our way..
It wasn't long before we spotted an old face of the canals..It was Ian off n.b Gosty Hill the old coal boat. It was good to see him and catch up with all the local gossip.. We filled him in with the saga of Chris falling in the lock at Buckby, he was quite shocked! We still haven't heard any news of how he is doing so lets hope it's good news, fingers crossed!!

We went through the narrows of the old Fenny Compton tunnel and it was quite overgrown in places, considering the traffic here..
The sun was trying to come out as we made our way up to Claydon locks.. As expected there was a bit of a queue in front of us, in fact we had six boats, so Del started doing the brasses and Al made us all some lunch, good timing really..

All we kept hearing was how busy it was at Cropredy with the festival just round the corner and we needed to get a spot as we needed to drop Matty back home. After the flight we filtered through the next three locks with no problems.. 
We managed to see a spot where we could use our chains and asked the boat in front if he could pull back a bit which he kindly did for us.. The water here is already shallow and we sort of got in. We could have done with filling with water again but at least we were in here. We wanted to show Matty round Cropredy so we took a walk down to the pub for some refreshments..
We didn't stay late and walked back to Derwent6.. It was an early night for us all as we had an early start tomorrow...

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