Monday, July 29, 2013

Matty found a friend

We had a bit of a later start this morning, well if you call 8.30am a late start... 
It has been busy here at Stoke Bruerne with the traffic on the towpath..
We went through the top lock and headed on to the Blisworth tunnel where Matty was greeted by the Blacksmith.
We never met another boat in the tunnel and soon got to Gayton Junction.
Matty was keen to have a steer of Derwent6 but soon found out how difficult it was and his height didn't help seeing over the roof of Derwent6.. "Maybe I'll try next year" he said.
We had some steady cruising in the sunshine through Bugsbrooke and on to Weedon, but couldn't stop as we wanted to make Norton Junction..
We waited in the bottom lock till we were met by another boat.. With a full crew to help, including Matty on the gates, we were making good progress.
It was about 4.00pm when we got to the top lock and we said goodbye to the boat we had come up the locks with.
Matty wanted to go fishing and we had a rod on board Derwent6. He spent a hour trying to catch something but no luck. In fact the boat next to us had all been trying and had no luck, just a dodgy pound we thought..
The good news was Matty had found a friend in Leo who was on the boat next to us, also out with his Uncle..
They had a lot of fun together until a massive thunderstorm came over and gave us about three inches of rain in about a hour..
We ended up going to bed early listening to the rain on the roof...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Matty is having an eventful time.Well done Del and Al I am sure he would not have made it if you had not been there!!!!xxxxxxx Nanny Terry