Wednesday, July 03, 2013

British Grand Prix Weekend

With another two crew members you would have thought we would have been off this morning but we had other plans.. We had tickets to see the British Grand Prix which was a 21st birthday present for David..

We were up early and ready to go at 8.00am. Sarah drove us to the circuit and then returned to Derwent6 .. The weather on Friday was not too clever but we were excited about seeing the cars all be it they were balls of spray when they went past us on their practice sessions.
The weather was better in the afternoon and we watched them nearing top speeds, pretty scary in real life. We left at 5.00pm and Sarah picked us up at a meeting point a mile away from the circuit. We quickly got showered and spruced up before we hit the M1 down to Kent..

We hit a bit of traffic but we managed to walk into Terry's 60th Birthday party at 8.45pm.. We were pleased we made it as it was a lovely surprise for her to see us as she thought we wouldn't be able to make it. It was also great to catch up with all the family...
We left just after 11.00pm and made our way back to Derwent6 at Stoke Bruerne, arriving at 1.15am.. yes a long day!
On the Saturday, qualifying day, we were up and out at 8.00am again. We had got it sussed now with the seven mile drive through the lanes to the circuit. We had to walk pass the hotel where the racing drivers were staying. Al got to meet up with Sergio Perez, Jenson Buttons teammate.

We also met Romain Grosjean from the Lotus team and also Jean Todt....
We watched the qualifying from the bend Copse which they take at 170 mph.. It was great to watch Lewis Hamilton put it on Pole.
When we got back to Derwent6 in the evening we then got ready and went to the Indian restaurant here in Stoke Bruerne called The Spice of Bruerne. We had a nice meal but we all found small bits of plastic in the chutney and ended up getting a free meal for two  next time we go.. With full tummies and knackered we fell into bed..
Sunday, Race day.. Up like a lark and excited about the race we got to the circuit a bit earlier. It was a lovely day and nice and warm. We saw a few more drivers on the parade laps and watched the GP2 and GP3 races.
 At midday the Red Arrows Display team done their stuff, and blew you away as usual.
The race was one to remember as Lewis got away and then had a puncture, the crowd sighed. This left Vettel in front and then he broke down, the crowd cheered. And Rosberg won the race and Hamilton finish a brilliant 4th with the crowd cheering on every lap..

Afterwards we were able to go onto the track and go to the after race party on a massive stage..
So it was a fantastic day, but we were shattered. We got back and then went over the pub for something to eat which David very kindly paid for, before Sarah Bernie and David made the journey back to Kent.
After a bit of a tidy up we fell into bed ready for an early start in the morning..

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Thanks so much for comming to my party loads of love Terry xxxxxxxxxxx