Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Walk to Whitchurch

We got up at 6.00am and watched the qualifying at the Korean Grand Prix. Del then chopped up some wood to keep us warm all day while Al cooked breakfast. Afterwards Del then went into the engine room and cleaned the bilge and checked the levels. He also checked out a pulley noise which had developed again. Sam from Foxton Boat Services had changed both pulleys six weeks ago and on inspection you could see the pulley was not square and the belt was a groove out on the generator pulley. To make matters worse it was about to break because it had a split halfway through it. It is difficult for Sam to get to us because of where we are at the moment, so Del will be having a go at it tomorrow, if it lasts that long. Lucky we asked for spare belts to be supplied during the build of Derwent6.

In the afternoon, and as the weather wasn't that good, we went for a walk into Whitchurch and was surprised how nice it was. You can moor up a small arm and then walk up the old canal into town. They are still planning to have a small basin at the end which would encourage people to go into town every time they were passing.

We got back in time to run the engine and the belt lasted enough to charge the batteries. We then watched telly all night with Strictly & X Factor!!

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