Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Clean Pants at last

The rain was hitting the roof as we woke up this morning so we weren't going anywhere. We were also waiting for a call from Beta to see if they could get a new generator belt out to us. Del was down to his last pair of underpants and he had already turned them inside out lol.

We got a call from Chris Jones a Beta engineer who has a workshop on the Middlewich canal, not far from us. He could get out to us with some new belts and would also check the alignment of the pulleys. Chris arrived at midday and soon got to work on the engine. It soon become clear that the pulleys were out of line, so he just fitted the belts with some temporary adjustments just to get us up & running again. Beta are going to check the photos taken and make up some brackets to realign the generator. We may then have to take Derwent6 to his workshop to have them fitted, the saga continues.

After Chris left, Del chopped up some wood and then went on the hunt for more. He found some, but we may have to pick it up tomorrow as we need a closer mooring. Al got all the washing up to date while we still had a generator.

We had some dinner in the evening and listened to some music.


Lisa said...

Dear Both,
I just read that Del is off wood hunting, I was wondering where exactly do you store it? We are off soon to Fernwood to "Plan" our boat and was wondering if you have a secret wood stash??
I have enjoyed seeing the latest trip's photos. Can't wait for our turn in 18months time,

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa
We store it on the roof until we cut it up, and then it's stored in one of the front lockers. This keeps it nice and dry. Good luck with your planning, 18 months will fly by!