Monday, October 18, 2010

Back in England

We decided to get up at the crack of dawn as we wanted to miss the traffic coming in and out of Llangollen. From being a quiet weekend it had suddenly got very busy Sunday night. We counted eighteen boats in the basin and seven outside on the canal. We crept out and it was still dark. Good job we've got a decent light on the bow of Derwent6.
Al walked ahead through the narrow sections and we were still passing moored boats waiting to come in. We still scrapped the bottom in a couple of places and met one hire boat right in one of those shallow sections. It took us ten minutes for the water levels to recover, and get us floating again.
We soon got to the famous aqueduct and had to wait while two boats came across. We then got to Chirk tunnel and had to wait for three boats to come through, it must be busy in the basin in Llangollen now.
We crossed Chirk aqueduct with the railway along side, and made our way back into England. The leaves in the canal are all over the place and everyone was having trouble clearing their props. We twisted and turned our way to St Martin's where we decided to moor.As we got inside and lit the fire the wind got up and it started to drizzle, good timing! Al had a casserole going all day and it was nice to just sit down and eat by a cosy fire. She had also made a sponge cake and made some bread while we were travelling. After our early start and all this food we just zonked out!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ah all sounds sooo cozy - our fire going in in 2 days!!!! Are you down in Kent soon - Rachel wants to know when we can organise a reunion!!!!! love and xxxxx Z x