Saturday, October 30, 2010

Retracing our steps

We were up early as Steve and Erica were going back home today. After showers and breakfast we called a cab so they could get back to their car. Thanks both for a wonderful few days, it was nice to see you both so relaxed, and thanks for the goodies you brought with you! We knew the wind was going to pick up so we turned and went down King's Lock to fill with water. We then retraced our steps and found a nice spot in the country. Del chopped up some wood off the roof and Al did some boaty jobs. The blue skies turned to grey in the afternoon and we had to light the fire. With so much on telly to watch in the evening we just snuggled down with a homemade pizza.


Anonymous said...

Great to be on the boat again and we had a wonderful time even if we did have to see stripe (rem). judging from the comments of the passing boat owners you must be so proud and happy with the way Derwent 6 has turned out, thanks again.

Steve & Erica

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, it was lovely having you on's to many more trips xx