Friday, October 29, 2010

Onto the Middlewich Branch

We woke up to a very overcast day and it was very windy, but we had a trip in mind to Middlewich. We left at around 10.00am after some breakfast and soon got to Barbridge Junction and the start of the Middlewich Branch. The first surprise of the day was the first lock where we had to queue for half a hour to get through, it was very busy. Everyone was finding the wind very tricky and on one occasion we had to wait for three boats to come through one of the bridges. With the wide open fields and being high up Derwent6 was going sideways along the long straights. We had to queue at the next three locks but we had all day so it wasn't a problem.
We eventually got to the junction and turned onto the Trent and Mersey where the wind had now got so strong we had to stop. As rain threatened we didn't even try going into town so Al decided to cook on board Derwent6. Steve went to the local shop and brought Al back a Pumpkin. We played games with Steve and Erica in the evening including Mr & Mrs and Guess the Intro.....there were no winners but we had a good laugh!

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Anonymous said...

Make sure you carve the face in the orange thing. I wont say the name as it might P some one off.