Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the Llangollen

Can you believe this weather !!! Its a clear blue sky day and we really had the itch to move. Del had used a lot of the water in the tank for the engine so we had to get water anyway. We went over the Aqueduct at Nantwich and then got our water. We then made our way to Hurleston Junction and the start of the Llangollen Canal.
With only one boat in front of us we made our way up the four locks and the first thing you notice is the rows of rings for the queues in the height of the season. It must get very busy! The second thing was the undercurrent in the water, as you had to open the throttle a bit to feel like you were moving. This was worse when going under bridges!

The canal reminded us of the South Oxford and is rather quaint, and very different to the Shroppie. The open fields and green pastures were lovely in the sunshine, a great day for cruising!

You have to be careful of the bypass weir washes on the locks as the flow pushes you hard to port and you have to compensate with power to get into the lock.

We soon got to the lift bridges at Wrenbury and were met by Steve and Chris, (who we first met at the Crick Show) walking along the towpath to meet us. They helped us moor up in a spot in the sunshine and we soon got the beers out. Steve and Chris are buying a boat and are interested in Fernwood, and as you can imagine they had loads of questions to ask. It was good to see you again guys..... They left early evening and we settled down to watch telly with something to eat.......


Steve and Chris Spreyer said...

Hi both,
What a lovely afternoon we had! Once again we thank you for your hospitallity, help and advice. We really do owe you one.

Look forward to meeting up again on your return.

Del and Al said...

Good to see you too and have a natter.....see you on the way back!