Thursday, October 07, 2010

Del not the ticket

We had a bad night as Del didn't feel too good and didn't sleep very well with a cough that has developed. So we had a bit of a lay in to try and sleep it all off. We had some breakfast and then eventually made a move at midday. We soon got to Hack Green locks which are the locks on the agenda for repair in early November. The gates are bad and the new gates are already waiting in barges, to go in. We then trundled up to Nantwich and were lucky enough to get a nice mooring where we can also get telly. We then went for walk to see what everyone else was up to and get a feel of our location. Al then read her book for the rest of the day while Del managed to chop up some wood before he had to go back to bed as he was still feeling poorly. In the evening we had dinner and then it was wrap up warm for a early night.

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